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Creation of Network for the Provision of Expertise on Dual-Use Export Control



The Knowledge Centre of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) on strategic trade control aims at enhancing the knowledge base to support the EU’s common commercial and security policies. It does this through analytical and networking activities, research and initiatives to improve knowledge.


The expert network aims to provide the JRC with technical expertise and support from external academic experts with proven experience in the field of strategic trade control for:


·         thematic multi-disciplinary research work,

·         the preparation and delivery of training

·         editorial and web support content.


It will examine issues such as economic impact, security/risk analysis and security/development aspects of dual-use export control. Furthermore, it will provide scientific and academic support, including the provision of research tools and development of a PhD curriculum relating to strategic trade controls.



The project group is headed by Prof. Dr. Quentin Michel of the University of Liege, Belgium and its members are: the Institute of Customs and International Trade Law (acting through the AWA Foreign Trade Academy GmbH), King’s College and Kent University in the UK, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and Prof. Angelo Minotti of the Sapienza University of Rome.

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