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XV World Customs Law Meeting, 11th to 13th September 2019, Seville, Spain

From 11th to 13th September the XV World Customs Law Meeting has been held in Seville, Spain on behalf of the International Customs Law Academy (ICLA). The conferences' head subject was "International Logistics driven by the technology and the risk analysis: Necessary for electronic customs control and essential for trade facilitation". Prof. Wolffgang gave an opening speech to introduce the topic and to present the ICLA. He pointed out, that the current situation of the world trade - escalating trade between the US and China and nationalist movements in Europe, such as the Brexit - mean growing challenges for international logistics. Those circumstances make the demand for efficient international logistics all the more important. Electronic clearance systems form the basis for effective trade facilitation and the Trade Facilitation Agreement demends the use of new technologies in order to speed up the trade in goods as far as possible whilst recognising the need for controls. In this context Prof. Wolffgang refered to discussions at the WCO regarding the further development of the Revised Kyoto Convention.

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