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Completed Projects


Dr. Peter Aertker

European approval law for industrial plants

Dr. Gerswid Altenhoff-Weber

The operation of controls by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) in the United Kingdom

Dr. Verena Alvez-Mesa

The Mercosur Customs Code

Dr. Leopold Baumann

European Commission Decisions on remission, repayment and post-clearance recovery of import duties

Dr. Pia Beaucamp

Reform approaches to the harmonisation of preferential rules of origin

Dr. Christian Becker

Market access barriers to the import of goods into New Zealand

Dr. Igor Belozerov

The Eurasian Economic Union in the multilateral trading system

Dr. Astrid Berlth

The guarantee of human dignity in Art. 1 EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

Dr. Christoph Billwiller

The powers of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) in relation to checks on economic operators in Portugal

Dr. Carolin Eve Bolhöfer

Trade Facilitation - WTO law and its reform to facilitate international trade in goods

Dr. Sabine Brandenburg

The powers of OLAF concerning on-the-spot-checks at economic subjects in the Netherlands

Dr. Philipp Busche

Fundamental rights protection of the manufacture, transport and marketing of weapons of war

Dr. Gudrun Dahme

Combating terrorism through economic sanctions

Dr. Christopher Dallimore

Securing the Supply Chain: Does the Container Security Initiative Comply with WTO Law? 

Dr. Kristina Daroussis

Controls by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) in Greece

Dr. Markus Dierksmeier

EC – Selected Customs Matters

Dr. Wolfgang Ehrlich

The licensing procedure for dual-use goods in German export control law

Dr. Kai Henning Felderhoff

Origin as a basis for commercial policy measures

Dr. Stefan Feit

The system for protecting the Community's financial interests in export refund legislation

Dr. Robert Figgener

European customs law in the Dutch jurisdiction

Dr. Ota Fischer-Zach

The conditions for market access and marketing of foreign goods in Canada measured against the obligations of the WTO and WCO member states

Dr. Barbara Fleckenstein

Protection of the European Community's financial interests

Dr. Oliver Frese

Controls on French operators under Regulations Nos 1073/99 and 2185/96

Dr. Sophie Gappa

Border adjustment measures as a climate protection instrument

Prof. Dr. Lothar Gellert

Customs Code and Fiscal Code, analysis of the relationship between the provisions of the Fiscal Code and the provisions of the Customs Code of the European Community

Dr. Heiko Gemmel

OLAF's controls in Germany

Andree Haarhuis

A Customs Law for the State of Palestine

Dr. Arnd Haller

Legal assessment of foreign economic relations and compatibility with the world trade system

Dr. Kerstin Harden

Creation and Extinction of Customs Debts under the Union Customs Code and the Economic Customs Concept

Dr. Nathalie Harksen

OLAF's controls in Belgium

Dr. Nils Harnischmacher

The Position of the Assignee in the Law on Export Refunds – The Grant and Revocation of Export Refunds and Legality of Sanctions

Dr. Michael Hendricks

International information assistance in tax proceedings

Prof. Dr. Bernd Heuermann

Systematics and structure of performance obligations in the wage tax deduction procedure

Dr. Dirk Jansen

Constitutional framework to issue decrees in the area of excise duty legislation

Fernanda Maria Barcellos Herrmann, LL.B. (São Paulo), LL.M. (Münster)

The Implementation of the SAFE Framework of Standards: Comparison between Brazil, the European Community and USA

Dr. Natan Hogrebe

South African Customs Law against the Background of World Customs Law in Comparison with Laws of the European Community

Dr. Jan-Dirk kleine Holthaus

The Australian Customs Law in Light of International Trade Regulations

Dr. Claudia Hudasch

Future prospects of postal customs clearance arrangements with special focus on the question of security aspects

Dr. Philipp Johst

Mercado Común Centroamericano– The Compatibility of the Central American Customs Union with the World Trade Regime

Dr. Edward Kafeero, LL.M.

Customs Law of the East African Community in light of  WTO Law and the Revised Kyoto Convention

Dr. Anna Judith Kaiser

The Community Customs Tariff

Dr. Alexander Karrenstein

Free trade in economic crisis

Dr. Stephan Kastner

Customs authorizations and the offence of customs evasion according to § 370 AO

Dr. Thomas Kirchhoff

Tariff preferences and protection of confidence

Dr. Regina Küpperfahrenberg

Conditions and legal effects of the right to information in customs law

Dr. Anna Labitzke

The restriction of foreign investment in German defense companies

Dr. Michael Landwehr

Customs valuation methods to prove that price agreements between related parties are not affected

Dr. Hans-Joachim Letzel

Settlement of disputes within the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Dr. Maximilian Lojenburg

The subsequent verification of preferential proofs of origin

Dr. Alexia Maier

Export control in Italy

Dr. Henrik Meier

The Impact of the TRIPS-Agreement on Border Measures in the English Law

Dr. Thomas Möller, Dipl.-Finanzwirt, Dipl.-Kaufmann (FH)

Transfer Price and Customs Value

Dr. Theresa Opitz

The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Dr. Klaus-Peter Ricke

Preventive Measures in Cases of Export of Goods

Dr. Christoph Schaefer, LL.M. (London)

National Competence and export control under Art. 133 EC

Dr. Tobias Schöppner

Requirements of indirect restrictive measures

Dr. Adam Strzoda

Principles and limits of risk analysis for general security purposes within the postal supply chain

Dr. Dominic Thiele, LL.M.

The Australian Market Access Conditions and their Compatibility with World Trade Law

Dr. Annika Verhorst 

The ECJ's Principle on Interest on Refunds of Duties Levied in Breach of Union Law and its Compatibility with the Customs Refund Interest Rule of Article 116(6) of the IPC

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