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Completed Projects


Sabine Brandenburg

The powers of OLAF concerning on-the-spot-checks at economic subjects in the Netherlands

Dr. Christopher Dallimore

Securing the Supply Chain: Does the Container Security Initiative Comply with WTO Law? 

Dr. Markus Dierksmeier

EC – Selected Customs Matters

Ota Fischer-Zach

The conditions for market access and marketing of foreign goods in Canada measured against the obligations of the WTO and WCO member states

Dr. Nils Harnischmacher

The Position of the Assignee in the Law on Export Refunds – The Grant and Revocation of Export Refunds and Legality of Sanctions

Fernanda Maria Barcellos Herrmann, LL.B. (São Paulo), LL.M. (Münster)

The Implementation of the SAFE Framework of Standards: Comparison between Brazil, the European Community and USA

Dr. Natan Hogrebe

South African Customs Law against the Background of World Customs Law in Comparison with Laws of the European Community

Dr. Jan-Dirk kleine Holthaus

The Australian Customs Law in Light of International Trade Regulations

Claudia Hudasch

Future prospects of postal customs clearance arrangements with special focus on the question of security aspects

Dr. Philipp Johst

Mercado Común Centroamericano– The Compatibility of the Central American Customs Union with the World Trade Regime

Dr. Edward Kafeero, LL.M.

Customs Law of the East African Community in light of  WTO Law and the Revised Kyoto Convention

Anna Judith Kaiser

The Community Customs Tariff

Dr. Henrik Meier

The Impact of the TRIPS-Agreement on Border Measures in the English Law

Dr. Thomas Möller, Dipl.-Finanzwirt, Dipl.-Kaufmann (FH)

Transfer Price and Customs Value

Dr. Klaus-Peter Ricke

Preventive Measures in Cases of Export of Goods

Dr. Christoph Schaefer, LL.M. (London)

National Competence and export control under Art. 133 EC

Tobias Schöppner

Requirements of indirect restrictive measures

Dr. Dominic Thiele, LL.M.

The Australian Market Access Conditions and their Compatibility with World Trade Law

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