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The Eurasian Economic Union in the multilateral trading system

This paper deals with the Eurasian Economic Union. The five member states - Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia - are pursuing a comprehensive integration strategy and, to this end, have almost completely freed mutual trade from trade barriers. The measures applicable to trade with third countries have also been largely harmonised. However, neither the legal system of the Eurasian Economic Union itself nor its relationship with other regimes and actors under international law has been sufficiently examined. The work starts from this finding, but chooses a more specific perspective as its main focus: As a customs union, the Eurasian Economic Union finds itself in a particular situation of tension and conflict and has to meet the requirements of WTO law and, more specifically, of Art. XXIV GATT. The author raises this question as the central problem and dares to make a first examination of the compatibility of the Eurasian Economic Union with the requirements of Art. XXIV GATT. XXIV GATT.

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